It’s okay to say it out loud: “I hate social media!” A lot of people and business owners do. Guys, we do too! Yes, we actually hate social media for a number of reasons. However, we’ve found ways to harness the benefits of social media marketing for our business without throwing our phones at the wall. So, without further ado, here’s a social media hater’s guide to social media marketing. Trust us, the following tips will make social media suck less—and dare we say, be a little fun!?

How to Use Social Media Marketing For Your Business If You Hate Doing Social Media Management

1. Forget the Algorithm

Well, mostly. If you’re always trying to keep up with the algorithm, you’ll suffer from social media burn out. You really should focus at least 80% of your social media strategy on on evergreen content formulas that never go out of style—not temporary trends that make your head spin. This formula includes content that is:

  • Casts a wide net, appeals to the masses (of your demographic), shareable, aspirational.

  • Sales/Promotions focused

  • Personalized and authentic to communicate the essence of your brand and your culture. This will build customer loyalty and deepen your relationship with your followers.

See how none of this social media strategy includes cringey dance moves or TikTok trends? That’s because strong content strategy won’t become obsolete next week. You can use tactics that appease social media algorithms without making that your sole goal. Creating a solid strategy that’s built for longevity will prevent you from chasing the social media algorithms best practices and becoming overwhelmed or falling behind.

Download our Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook for content strategy that lasts, tips on best posting times, best practices, and everything else you need to run social channels successfully and efficiently.

2. Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

You don’t have to be on every single social media channel! You don’t. In fact, we’re big proponents on less is more. As in, quality over quantity. You should only have a presence on a social media channel if you can do it to the nines. That’s so much better than halfheartedly running social media marketing on a bunch of channels. That will waste your social media marketing budget, water down your social strategy, and waste a lot of your time and effort.

If you hate social media, ask yourself if it’s because your business is trying to do too much. If so, deactivate accounts that are at the lower end of your priority list. Do so by determining where your target demographic hangs out. Stay on the channels that are most likely to give you a great ROI.

3. Create a Sustainable Posting Schedule

If posting multiple times per day, every single day is burning you out, then cut back! Over years of working in social media marketing, we’ve found that brands only need to post three times per week to social channels (to maintain followings and moderately grow).

Also, make your posts go further by cross promoting on the mediums within each social platform. For instance, share your feed posts to your Stories. Add those Stories to your Highlights so they’re a permanent fixture in your profile. You can also crosspost  from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter to make your content go further. Turn effective posts into ads to capture more traffic.

Remember, you don’t always need a ton of new content. Use what you have, publish what you’re able, and maximize the reach of every single post. Here’s a guide to the best posting times to get the most reach and impressions.

4. Get Organized With a Content Calendar, Content Buckets, and Sustainable Social Media Content Strategy

So many of our clients get fed up with social media management because the management part falls apart. That’s where our DIY Social Media Strategy Planner and Framework can save the day—and your sanity. This downloadable content calendar will help your team organize content so it’s easier to draft, review, and edit in one place. It will also help you develop content buckets so your posts cover every facet of your business and speak to your entire audience.

You can also use social media scheduling tools like Later and Planoly that let you draft posts. Cut down on your content creation legwork and you will find yourself liking social media marketing a lot more.

5. Batch Your Content Production

It’s not fun to have to do social media marketing every single day. That’s why we love to batch content production. Write content and design by the month—a month ahead. Then, do quarterly photoshoots for assets including imagery and videos. Consolidating the time you work on social media marketing for your small business will keep it from overtaking your brain space. Efficiency is your friend!

6. Use Social Media Management Tools

There are so many free or super affordable social media tools that will make social media management less of a pain in the tuchus. Social media scheduling platforms in particular make publishing content so much easier. We love Canva, Planoly, and Later.

7. Use Free Stock Photo Sites

If you’re sick of producing a ton of assets for your social media profiles, you’re not alone. Content creation is a full time job! That’s where free stock photo sites come in handy. You can use free stock photos and videos to supplement your content. We never recommend using 100% stock because it doesn’t come off as authentic, interesting, or genuine. However, well used and sourced stock can save your business time and keep your feeds fresh.

8. Use Free Social Media Photo Editing and Video Editing Apps

Free video editing apps and social media photo editing apps will save you time and make your content super professional. If you don’t have a studio for photography and videography, don’t worry. You can make professional videos and photos right on your phone.

9. Do a Social Media Cleanse

People respect social/life balance and know it can easily wear on your mental health. Just make sure you post about it! Publish posts about your social media break, so your followers don’t think something has happened at your company and lose trust in your business. Take a week off, but then get back to posting. Hopefully, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to post.

Plus, this type of tactic will appeal to #3 in our social media strategy formula: personalized and authentic posts to let followers get to know your brand.

10. Set Google Alerts For Social Media Marketing News

If you’re frustrated because you always feel left behind with social media marketing best practices, set a Google alert! This will cut down on the amount of time you spend researching. Every time there is an update, you’ll get articles sent to your inbox. It’s like a free personal assistant. What’s not to love?

11. Don’t Jump on the Social Media Trend Bandwagon

Does a lot of what’s on social media lately make you cringe? Us too. If posing, pointing, dancing, and doing ridiculous stuff for thousands to see doesn’t feel true to you, then don’t do it! Followers want authenticity from brands, not bandwagon fodder. If everybody started twerking and doing silly dances on social media for millions to see, would you too? Please say no. Go back to #1 of this post to read more about how to create posts that don’t age—and help you build your followings.

12. Mimic What You Like

Social media exists to inspire. So, start scrolling and find some inspo for your business’s social media strategy! Doing so may ignite some passion in you by getting your creative juices flowing. If you’re out of ideas, download our 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas and Prompts. 

13. Be an Actual Follower

Use social media for its original purpose: entertainment, education, and exploration of new brands and services you may like. Use these social platforms as an actual consumer. It’ll give you insight into what you like and don’t like. Then, you can apply those changes to your social media strategy. If you use the platforms yourself, you might find they become more natural and enjoyable.

14. Look at Your Social Media Metrics

Use your data to improve your feelings about social media marketing. If you see posts do well, your following has been growing, and other positive metrics, you’ll get a mental boost. On the flipside, if you don’t see metrics that make you smile, then you’ll be able to hone your social strategy so you get more bang for your buck. Whether that be growing your following, increasing website referral traffic, or building awareness and brand loyalty, it always feels good to reach goals.

15. Spend Your Social Media Marketing Budget Wisely

Do you hate social media marketing because it’s such an investment? Well, if you have a small social media marketing budget, you can pare down your tactics and still have a great and effective social strategy. You don’t have to spend a ton of your marketing budget on social. You just have to do it strategically. Here’s a guide to help you set an annual social media marketing budget and how much you should spend per channel.

16. Don’t Take Social Media So Seriously

Unless you seriously offend someone and post something insensitive, you can always post again. Don’t take every post too seriously. Social media posts work together over time. That’s why content buckets, using hashtags, and sticking to a smart content strategy is important. Take risks and test social media posts to see what gains the most traction.

17. Hire a Social Media Manager

We social media managers exist for a reason! We take the unpleasant dishes off of your plate so you can get back to doing what you love in your business. Let us help you! Hire help. Delegate. Offload. If you don’t like doing social media marketing, then doing less of it yourself will make a world of difference for your mental state. Contact us to get started today.