Yes, we’re founded by a millennial. We’re also a 100% woman-owned millennial marketing agency. Are you rolling your eyes or breathing a sigh of relief? Either way, if you have a millennial demographic or want to resonate with Gen Z or Gen Alpha, here’s why you should hire fresh spring chickens like ourselves for your digital marketing needs.

Why You Should Work With a Women-Owned Millennial Marketing Agency

1. We Know How to Market to Millennials Because We Are Millennials

It takes one to know one. We know millennial audiences because we are lead by a millennial! We’re also only a hop and skip away from the younger generations, so we know how to market to Gen Z and Gen Alpha too, but also embrace the granny side of life. If your marketing is stale, it may be time to bring on a team with a fresh and relevant perspective. That’s us.

2. Logistical and Philosophical Flexibility

Working with millennials means working with a new state of mind. We don’t play by the rules. In fact, we rewrite them—often to be more convenient and pleasant for everyone involved. For us at Charm School, logistical and philosophical flexibility comes in the form of where we operate. We’re 100% remote. No Covid19 premonitions brought on that decision either. We knew that in order to bring on the best talent and work with brands and entrepreneurs we believe in, we needed to change up the brick and mortar business plan.

Lower overhead means we can offer more competitive pricing for our clients. We often refer to Charm School as the Goldilocks marketing agency. Our pricing isn’t too high, too low—but just right. We’re always an email or video chat away at flexible hours. Our clients seem to like that a lot.

3. More Tech and Automation

Instead of shying away from technological evolution, a millennial marketing agency like ours embraces it. Just because we’re used to using certain social media scheduling platforms, project management software, or Cloud storage doesn’t mean something better can’t come along and make us shake it up. In fact, we’re always on the hunt for the best of the best out there—for our company and our clients’ businesses and/or practices.

4. We Hustle

As much as Boomers like to shame millennials for being “lazy,” we’d argue the opposite. In our experience, we’ve found millennials work smarter and harder in many ways. For one, we millennials grew up with a necessity for stacked resumes and side hustles. That means millennial marketers are well-rounded Jills-of-all-trades with a knack for multi-tasking.

We know how to get the job done with time to spare for self-care. And trust us, that ratio translates to better quality marketing services and bang for your buck for your marketing budget. That brings us to our next point…

5. Millennials are Efficient With Your Time and Ours

We founded Charm School because we wanted to be more efficient with our time. Work-life balance makes happier, rejuvenated marketers who can funnel extra effort, thought, and care into your brand. We don’t believe in agenda-less meetings—saving time and money for our clients. We don’t believe in making a project bigger than it needs to be. That being said, we’re here for the long haul for website builds and redesigns.

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6. Cost-Effective

We’re fresh on the scene which often comes with lower price tags. Of course, millennials want to get paid what they’re worth. However, millennial marketing agencies are typically more cost-effective than older, more established companies.

7. Tech-Savvy

We’re not trying to poo-poo the dinosaurs in the marketing agency, but they’re not always up on the latest marketing tech or techniques. We are. And we offer training for it too. Don’t let us scare you off if you’re not ready to dive head first into the very intimidating world of social media, marketing tech, social media ads, or other content marketing tactics. We’re here to hold your hand along the way.

8. Millennials Bring a Fun Culture to the Office

If you couldn’t tell, we aren’t a stodgy marketing agency. We keep it casual, human, and fun. We don’t think marketing needs to drone on with jargon or formality. But that’s just us.

Thinking of hiring a millennial marketing agency? Want to work with women? We’re here to help! Get in touch to see how we can help you connect with a younger demographic and/or freshen up your marketing for 2021 and beyond.