Social Media Advertising

Do you have a presence on social media channels with an organic social media marketing strategy? Bravo! Are those followings and engagements converting to increased business? If not, it may be time to consider paid social media advertising. We offer full social media advertising management for Instagram ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads, and Facebook ads.

We play well with others and can happily work with your internal team to improve your underperforming ad campaigns. We can also offer consulting to help you do a better job in-house. We also offer PPC for businesses who need to capture leads and sales from Google advertising, too.

Better Ad Performance Starts with Savvy Organic Social Media Strategy

Our DIY Social Media Marketing Kits are here to teach you how to post engaging content your audience likes, shares, and clicks on. Of course, it helps sell more products too.

Our Social Media Kits Include

  • Our detailed ≈50-page Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook teaches your team how to run successful social media accounts.
  • Tips for image sourcing, writing captions people engage with, using hashtags to your advantage, our favorite social media tools, how to build your social media following and engagement quickly, a social media marketing budget, and the best times to post on social media.
  • Our tried-and-true DIY Social Media Planner helps you organize your content across channels for optimal cross-posting and social media team collaboration.
  • 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas. A whole year planned out for you with multiple social media prompts each day!

Social Media Ads

Have you tried your hand at social media ads to no avail? Plenty of clients come to us after being disappointed—and spending a lot of money without much ROI. We always tell them that if you don’t see results within three months, your testing, targeting, ad spend, and advertising creative are most likely to blame. You also need to ensure you have an organic presence on each social media channel for at least three months prior to launching an ad campaign. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking spammy. And you’ll waste your ad dollars when leads come to your profile to check out your business and feel duped by your lack of content.

We provide creative services and ad management for paid media on all social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest—you name it.

Instagram Advertising

About 80 percent of Instagram’s billions of users follow Instagram for Business accounts. It’s also quickly becoming one of the best social media channels for direct sales. If your demographic hangs out on Instagram, get a piece of the pie via Instagram ads. They’ll help you boost sales and lead generation while increasing awareness of your brand and bringing customers to your website.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is the place for shopping preparation and completing purchases. It’s the dreamy wish list people actually check off one item at a time. We can help you promote your business via strategic paid ad campaigns on Pinterest Business accounts. This is especially beneficial for businesses in health and wellness, nutrition and supplements, beauty, fashion, and beyond.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the hardest platform to generate a following on with just organic content. It’s nearly impossible. That’s why you need paid Facebook ads. We can help boost your organic Facebook presence with paid social media ads.

LinkedIn Advertising

B2B clients especially can tap into LinkedIn to improve conversion. While an organic presence is important—think posts and articles—running ads will help you extend your reach more aggressively and on a faster timeline.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is wonderful for B2B companies and B2C companies, too, when used properly. Trust our team to manage your Twitter advertising campaigns to increase follows and sales.

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