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Modern social graces are a learned skill. Let us teach you.

We’ve seen it happen. The errant tweet that cancels a brand. The missed weigh-in on a powerful moment in the zeitgeist. It’s almost too painful to watch!

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help you say the right thing to the right people—your customers! All while not pissing off the interwebs. Let us assist with website design, consulting, social media management, SEO-optimized content, blogs, paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, and anything else your marketing strategy doesn’t have in its repertoire.

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Our Agenda

We start every client relationship with a roll call of sorts. We take the time to learn who you are and where your brand stands with customers, in the industry, in SEO rankings, and in terms of your marketing goals. We keep everything on the 101 level, avoiding any obnoxious and off-putting jargon or long-winded spiels. Because who has the time or patience for that? Our clients find our process refreshingly transparent, thorough, streamlined, and painless.

Once we have the basics down, we determine a plan of action. With our woman-owned digital marketing agency’s support, you’ll save time, money, and energy. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. Plus, we’ll do all of this within your budget. Talk about a class act.

With all of that said, it’s next to impossible to not use some jargon when walking you through our digital marketing and content services. Please hang in there while you read through our offerings! Of course, just raise your hand and get in touch if you have any questions along the way.

Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing



We all watched Bo Burnham’s Netflix special. (If you haven’t, go do so immediately.) He’s right: you can “get a little bit of everything all of the time” on the internet. That breeds stiff competition for brands like yours. But we’re content marketing experts who know how to compete with the noise and improve search rankings (golf clap!). Read more about our content services—including SEO-optimized website copy, blogs, e-books, video scripts, case studies, white papers, and more.

Social Media Management

Do your social media profiles have the followings and customer engagement you want? Whether it’s a yay or nay, that’s what our social media management services do—improve all of the above. We offer social media strategy, copywriting, photography, consulting, graphic design, and scheduling to make you the talk of the town (in a good way, of course). So, if you’re looking for help with Google My Business posts, Instagram marketing, Facebook for Business, Pinterest Business, and/or LinkedIn, we’re here to help.

Email Marketing

Email is a steadfast marketing tactic. It’s rude to talk about a woman’s age, but this proud old broad is foxier than ever in her 50s. We’re talking Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda icon status. Rawr. If you want to convert your email marketing leads and email lists to drive sales, let’s do it together! We can launch email marketing campaigns, engage cold email leads, nurture warm email leads, and create successful customer journeys.

Newsletters, automated email drip campaigns, promotional emails, and stewardship emails are all in our wheelhouse. We also design custom email marketing templates for you to use with your internal marketing team, if that’s of interest to you. From Mailchimp to HubSpot—bring us the email marketing platform you prefer, and we’ll get to work.

Video Marketing

Looking for live-action videos or motion-graphics videos for your website and/or social accounts? Splendid. Video content is the most popular form of online content these days. Customers and SEO algorithms can’t get enough of them. Let our video production team help with artistic direction, video script writing, video marketing consulting, and more to support your internal video marketing team.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Life is a popularity contest—whether we like it or not. And who doesn’t want to be one of the top three Google ranking positions? Only businesses who want to miss out on traffic. Which, respectfully, is dumb AF. Depending on your industry, search engine optimization can be super competitive. That’s why you need a savvy SEO team to improve your organic search traffic. Like us!

Enter, Charm School. We perform SEO audit services so search engine algorithms index your website and help you outrank competitors. We do it all in SEO, from competitor analysis to SEO consulting, back-end metadata implementation to organic search engine optimization, backlink profile insights to link building consulting, SEO-friendly blog posts to website copy optimization, and more. It’s a tried-and-true process that we practice ourselves, and it’s probably how you stumbled upon our lovely little marketing company in the first place.

Marketing Consulting

Is your internal marketing team in need of some training to become better at content marketing? Do you need brand development consulting to hone your mission, focus your vision, and come up with a business name? We offer digital marketing training for anything you need. Plus, our digital marketing consulting is the most budget-friendly way to improve your marketing efforts. We’ll create a custom curriculum based on your interests and needs. Just ask!

Website Design, Branding, Logo Design, and Graphic Design

Website Design

You wouldn’t show up to a black tie event in jeans and a tee. Goodness, no! Don’t allow your website to do the equivalent to customers. Build your website right the first time—reflecting your branding aesthetic, voice and tone, and customer demographic. Whether you need a customized WordPress website, a Shopify website, website template customization, or a fully custom coded website with complex functionality, our website development team can do it all.

If you’ve had bad experiences with website design agencies in the past, let us restore your faith in marketers (and humanity!). Clients love us for our affordable website design services and easy and transparent process. No ghosting. No confusion. No herding cats. Yes, you can actually design a website without any of that nasty mess!


Graphic Design and Branding

We love making your brand as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside! From logo design to a full-fledged branding kit and marketing collateral, you’ve found the right branding agency to do it all. We’ll help you put your vision into words and translate that into a gorgeous brand story. So let us help you put your proverbial face on and blow people away.

Paid Media and Advertising

PPC (Pay-per-Click Advertising)

As much as we all wish organic SEO and word-of-mouth marketing were enough to promote our brands, it’s not. Enter stage left, paid media. It’s such an important facet of your overall digital marketing strategy. Depending on your goals and audience, pay-per-click advertising may be the white knight-ess you need to save the day.

We’ll thoughtfully spend your PPC advertising budget on strategic A/B targeted campaigns to bring down your cost per click and cost per lead over time, helping boost sales and lead generation. And we’ll provide weekly and monthly reports so you can monitor every Google advertising campaign we run. Transparency, optimization, and continual testing make for happy clients.

Social Media Advertising

Does the term pay-to-play ring a bell when it comes to social media marketing? The best things in life are free. Yet, growing your brand is not. How rude! Increasingly, brands need a paid social media advertising presence along with their organic social media marketing strategy to build social media followings, raise awareness, generate leads, and make sales. That’s where our social media advertising services come in.

Let our team provide creative and paid ad management for Instagram advertising, Pinterest advertising, Facebook advertising, and more. We won’t ever waste your ad spend on subpar visuals, sloppy copy, or inappropriate targeting. We’re skilled at bringing down your cost per lead and increasing ROI.

Industries of Expertise

Who’s the teacher’s pet? For us, it’s you clients and companies that improve the world and add value to people’s lives. Yes, marketers have souls too. And we do prefer to use our dark powers for good. Read more about our experience and penchant for health and wellness marketing, working with green businesses, nutrition and supplements, marketing for women-owned businesses, eco-friendly marketing, medical marketing, and more.

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