It’s Hard to Resist Our Charms.

We talk the talk and walk the walk so your brand can too.

Choosing the dessert fork instead of salad tines? Disastrous at a dinner party. Selecting the wrong voice, tone, and channel to connect with customers? Social suicide in our temperamental cancel culture.

That’s why we exist: to teach businesses the etiquette and modern social graces you need to master the art of conversation, impress customers, and outrank the competition. You’ll learn how to say the right thing to the right people—in the right way—and earn the props your brand deserves.


Why work with a woman-owned marketing agency

100% Woman-Owned. 100% Unique.

Our 100% woman-owned full-service digital marketing, branding, social media, and website development agency is a different breed. Bro culture? Check it at the door. Jargon? Respectfully, get the F out of here. We keep it real and really transparent. Because marketing shouldn’t be as painful for you as our clients often say it is—before they meet us, of course!

We’re fluent in content marketing strategy. We have exceedingly high marks in client satisfaction. And our agency gets an A+++ for marketing mastery and prowess. We’ll make sure your brand does too so you never have your proverbial elbows on the table in front of your audience. We keep things fun and light—all while getting the job done right.

Our Headmistress

With over a decade of experience in content, SEO, branding, and web design, our HBIC is rewriting the book on digital marketing dos and don’ts.

Our Report Card Is Fridge-Worthy

We hope you’ll do your homework and read reviews when choosing a digital marketing agency! Ours are pretty reassuring. See what clients say about working with Charm School Marketing, so you can feel confident when you hire us.

Digital Marketing | Charm School Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing |  Charm School Digital Marketing
Charm School Rules
  1. We say, pardon our French, but kindly F off with antiquated marketing practices.
  2. We bid adieu to the bro culture found in most website development agencies. Ick!
  3. We say ditch the white gloves and cumberbunds—it doesn’t have to be so buttoned up all of the time.
  4. We believe it’s not what you say, but how you say it.
  5. We’re sticklers for keeping our marketing agency jargon-free, BS-free, and free of any confusion about what your marketing dollars are doing.

Dress Code: Loungewear 24/7.

We don’t have an office. We never have. We never will. And this was all B.C. (before Covid). Today, and until forever, you’ll find us working remotely near and far—in jammies and in pumps, in cafes and on couches, and by the light of day or cell phone glare of night, depending on our mood. Unlimited data and email mean we’re never far away. If our remote marketing team sounds like your dream job, get in touch!

Digital Marketing | Charm School Digital Marketing

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