Video Marketing

Video killed the radio star, and you may feel like video marketing is killing you! This medium can be done in-house on iPhones and with DIY lighting kits, but it’s a time investment that many businesses simply cannot afford. Let us take some of the load off of your plate with affordable video marketing services. From script writing to motion graphics and beyond, we’re here for you.

Motion Graphics Videos

A promotional video is a nice touch to any website. So is a motion graphics video that highlights your business’s products and services. Our video marketing team and animators are versed in creative video concepts, storyboarding, and executing high-quality motion graphics videos. We can source music and voiceover talent, too, so the end product is a video you can use across platforms to impress customers.

Live-Action Videos

Do you need a talking head video or a live-action video? We’re here to roll up our sleeves and help. We can consult from afar or coordinate a video production team—equipped with lighting and sound—to bring your script to life. We’ll finish it off with a cherry on top via our video editing team. Live-action video can help build trust and credibility with your customers and boost your website’s SEO.

Script Writing and Video Production Creative Direction

Video marketing is a sizable investment. That’s why we offer script writing à la carte as an affordable video marketing solution for your business. Whether you need help with storyboarding, creative direction and ideation of the entire video concept, and/or script writing, we’re here for it all.

Video Marketing Consulting

We’re first and foremost a teaching agency—empowering businesses like yours to take command of your marketing in-house if you have the (wo)man power and interest. Let us help steer you in the right direction with video marketing consulting. This includes, but is not limited to, education about tools you can use to make videos for your blogs, website, and social media marketing channels. Stay modest with your marketing budget by allowing us to teach you how to produce high-quality videos affordably in-house.

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