Nutrition and Supplements Marketing

Are you a nutritional supplement brand or retailer that sells herbal supplements, neutraceuticals, CBD products, homeopathic supplements, or herbal nutrition products?

Then you know it’s tricky to remain USDA and FDA compliant with your website and social media content!

With roundabout customer journeys from social media ads to landing pages to the content you publish on your health and wellness blog, you need to be careful. We know how to balance relevant, interesting, engaging, and branded content with strict guidelines in your industry. So, if you’re ready to bring on help, we’re here for you.

“We have been a happy client for over two years. They are great at delivering clever and witty text and designed images for our nutritional supplement company’s social media.”

Merilee DeSpain

Inventory Manager, Dave's Health & Nutrition

“Charm School came aboard to help launch our luxury CBD line, Blümsi. It was clear they understood our ideal customer and creative vision from the start. They were able to craft a story I couldn’t put into words. Charm School was easy to work with, great at communication, and clearly executed our brand identity. We’re super pumped about the final result and love the copy they created. (5 stars!)”

Elizabeth Lambert

Co-founder and Creative Director, Blümsi

“Center of Healing didn’t have a very good track record in securing a reliable company where the customer and their needs were important. We went through two web designers who were all talk and very little action and absolutely NO dependability.
After spending a huge amount of money for a website that was useless, we were very disillusioned.

We were sure there wasn’t a single company out there that we could depend on. Frustration was at its max when we met this team.

This company is AMAZING. They were professional and very attentive to our needs. They were affordable and, honestly, they became engaged in what our company is all about. They realized how important our website is for the success of our business and wanted to make it the best that it could be. They communicate on a regular basis, help keep us focused, and their work is OUTSTANDING.

We would recommend them to anyone who wants a modern, quality website. They’re a great team who get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and better than you envisioned it to be. I’m so grateful we crossed paths.”

Margaret Lawler

Business Manager, Center of Healing Enterprises, LLC

“We had the opportunity to start working with the team approximately six months ago. Although our product was a bit different than any others they had worked with, they were enthusiastic to research and learn about the industry we are in, our product, and how our product is different. The team wrote the product descriptions and were open to any suggestions that we wanted.

As our professional relationship has grown, the agency has been writing our blogs and providing our customers with a variety of content that is always engaging and educational and sometimes humorous.

Adding them to our team was a fabulous decision that has allowed me to focus on running other parts of my business; knowing I can trust them to consistently provide content that attracts a stream of new visitors to our website but also keeps our followers coming back for more of the blogs!“

Jme Bonfiglio

Owner, Wholesun Wellness

“Charm School really helped us discover the outdoor voice of our brand and connect with the NAAWK audience. Caroline is easy to work with and make the writing process smooth. Every one of us at NAAWK highly recommends Charm School!”

Cody Belnap

Account Manager, NAAWK

“Copywriting can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are starting a new brand. Over at REMDE we’ve worked with Charm School from the very beginning and they’ve been a key part in developing the voice for our brand. We LOVE working with Caroline!“

Chris Duncan

Creative Lead, REMDE

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