It’s just plain rude . . .

. . . that content marketing demands so much of your precious time. After all, you have a freaking business to run! But if you spend 40+ hours per month on digital marketing, ads, and social media without much to show for it aside from a splitting headache, we’re here for you. All for up to 50% less than the cost of an employee.

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What We Do Best

Can we advise you on fancy cutlery? Absolutely. How to tactfully tell a mansplainer to F off? Yes, ma’am. But, perhaps more importantly, we can help you build a website, write SEO content, boost social media engagement, improve content strategy, and brand your business. Our 100% woman-owned digital marketing agency offers the whole package—so your brand can too.

Why Choose Charm School?

We’re rewriting the rules of digital social graces—and making sure you’re not just keeping up with the Joneses but also leaving them in the dust. Toodle-oo! Our impressive pedigree in content marketing, branding design, and web dev allows us to help brands like yours master the art of conversation. All so your clients love, love, love you. And buy, buy, buy your products and services.

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We Certainly Have Our Teacher’s Pets . . .

Come one, come all! But absolutely knock on our door if you’re a business that does good for the world. We’re looking at you, health and wellness, sustainable, and women-owned businesses.

Our Report Card

We’ve been known to get high marks in website design, content strategy, social media marketing, and logo design. But we’ll let our clients tell you more about that. . . .

We Can Do and We Can Teach

And we love to do both. That’s why we offer affordable marketing products like our DIY Social Media Kits: a ≈50-page Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook, 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas, and a DIY Social Media Planner. It’s everything you need to make social media budgets, learn the best times to post, stay organized, and master social in-house—all within your budget.

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