Much like treating your patients’ skin, dermatology website design is an artform. You don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. So… let us throw our hat in the ring and tell you why our medical website design agency is the right pick for your clinic!

In this article, we also review the best medical website templates for dermatologists. They’re fully customizable if you go the DIY web design route, or get inspired to customize during our website design project. Shall we dive in?

Why Hire Charm School for Your Dermatology Website Design?

1. Affordable Website Design

Websites can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars. Especially, dermatologists who get labeled as a business with money to burn. Enter our Goldilocks agency that offers not too expensive, and not too good to be true cheap website services. We build affordable websites that function and reflect your brand aesthetic for years to come.

2. We’re Trustworthy

We won’t ever ghost you. Yes, this does happen quite often with web developers. On the contrary, we’ll treat you with the utmost  care and respect. We also won’t insist on owning your log-in credentials or hosting. That’s a shady little ploy a lot of agencies use to keep businesses trapped even when they’re unhappy together.

Your dermatology clinic will always be empowered with its own domain name, hosting, and CMS ownership. Our agency serves as guests with admin access while we work together, but the power stays in your hands.

3. Clients Love Us

It’s not polite to brag. However, it’s totally okay to shamelessly show you the pages and pages of happy client reviews we stockpiled over the years. Take a look at all of our rave reviews here!

“Center of Healing didn’t have a very good track record in securing a reliable company where the customer and their needs were important. We went through two web designers who were all talk and very little action and absolutely NO dependability.
After spending a huge amount of money for a website that was useless, we were very disillusioned.

We were sure there wasn’t a single company out there that we could depend on. Frustration was at its max when we met this team.

This company is AMAZING. They were professional and very attentive to our needs. They were affordable and, honestly, they became engaged in what our company is all about. They realized how important our website is for the success of our business and wanted to make it the best that it could be. They communicate on a regular basis, help keep us focused, and their work is OUTSTANDING.

We would recommend them to anyone who wants a modern, quality website. They’re a great team who get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and better than you envisioned it to be. I’m so grateful we crossed paths.”

4. We Specialize in Medical Websites

Medical website design is a niche for a reason. You need a website development agency that knows the ropes. We do! We’ve been working with doctors and medical spas for years, and integrate patient portals, forms, and necessary HIPAA compliance with ease.

5. Experience

A website is a website is a website—except for what we specified above. Our team of website designers flawlessly codes and customizes WordPress and Shopify sites. Whether you need an entire website rebuild or launch, or just a few tweaks and plug-ins, we have the know-how to help.

6. We Keep Work Casual and Fun

Our bedside manner is tremendous! We keep the jargon to a minimum and treat you like a human who wants a beautiful website—not a lesson in code. Working with us is fun, easy, and relaxed.

“I happened upon this agency (thanks Google) and let’s just say it was a dream come true. I felt I had found my business “fairy godmothers.” They took the time to understand me as a person, my preferences, my business, my brand, and my future business goals. They were incredibly flexible, kind, and professional.” – Shi Chambers

7. We’re a Full Service Marketing Agency

Meaning, you can stick with us once your website project wraps. You won’t have to cobble together an external marketing team. No, mam (or sir). Instead, you’ll tap into our branding, SEO, content, social media, advertising, and marketing services arsenal. Being a one stop shop allows clients to save time and money vetting other agencies or freelancers. Or, of course, feeling sad you have to move on!

8. We’re Super Quick

You won’t have to wait four to six months for a website from Charm School. You’ll walk away with a polished site in just two months! Unless, of course, it’s one heck of a behemoth, then we’ll set a realistic yet speedy timeline to get your new site up and running pronto.

9. We’re a 100% Woman-Owned Marketing Agency

Charm School is a 100% woman-owned marketing agency. We offer a unique viewpoint and style you won’t find at most web design agencies. This is particularly refreshing for other female entrepreneurs.

Women-owned business advice

The Best Dermatologist Website Templates for Dermatology Practices

We love Divi for WordPress websites. The themes offer so many customizable options, you can truly make it your own. Once we’re done, you won’t even know this started as anything other than custom code. Check out other fantastic WordPress themes here.

Most Straightforward Dermatology Website Template

The Medical layout from Divi is as simple and clinical as it gets—brought to life by your practice’s branding. If you’re looking for a clean-cut dermatology website, this theme will help you achieve just that.

Websites for doctors

Most Beauty Focused

We love the Divi Beauty and Spa template for elevated dermatology website design. If you own a med spa or beauty-centered clinic focusing on botox, laser, and injections, this is the medical WordPress theme for you.

WordPress website template for dermatologists and med spas

Most Franchise-Friendly

Divi Dental theme puts all of the necessary info—your location, hours, and appointment booking—right at the top of the page. This theme screams franchise, so if you have multiple locations, it’s a great choice for your practice.

website templates for physicians

At the end of the day, you want to spend a reasonable amount of money on your medical website. You also want to have fun during the process! Charm School will ensure those things happen. Get in touch to set up a free consult!