One boss lady. One spectating husband. One interview to see what it’s like to be a man supporting women in the C-suite. Welcome to our women-owned business.

Q: What did you think when your wife first told you she was starting a business?

A: About damn time.

Q: Has your dynamic changed?

A: Maybe we eat out a little more often? [laughs] Caroline loves to cook, but when she’s busy we definitely GrubHub everything. Although overall, she seems more relaxed amidst the chaos.

Q: How do you feel about your wife’s entrepreneur schedule?

A: I think it’s good and bad. Some days, there isn’t any time for normal life and other days Caroline is as free as a bird. That can create friction based on whatever is going on in our lives. Say we have plans and stuff comes up—Caroline has to work at the drop of a hat. Sometimes she’s insanely busy for days on end.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing your wife has done to help her business succeed?

A: Order cat toys to give out to people at a professional event.

Q: What quality do you think helps your wife the most as a woman business owner?

A Assertiveness. Caroline’s on top of it all the time. She’s also my life’s boss.

Q: Why do you love that your wife owns a business?

A: Caroline doesn’t have to answer to “the man” anymore, she’s happier, and maybe one day we can both retire early.

Q: Are there any downsides to your wife owning a business?

A: Caroline can’t go on a normal vacation—even though she can technically take as much time off as she wants. Owning a business is super stressful, more stressful than being an employee.

Q: Now that you’re married to a woman who owns a business, are you more inclined to advocate for men supporting women in your workplace?

A: Caroline’s past experience working for other employers actually made me realize what women in the workplace go through—more so than owning her own business. It’s easy as a white man to forget what it’s like for women, but I see it every day and try to remember it when I’m in a position to help. Men supporting women is important at work and at home.

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