We always love to give our two cents to fellow entrepreneurs, clients, and industry publications. Founder, Caroline Maurer, had the pleasure to do this in a Fast Company interview. The piece focuses on women and why they left the corporate world to start their own businesses. Hint: it has something to do with a very sharp and annoying glass ceiling. That, and personal goals and the ability to call the shots as a female entrepreneur.

However, Ruth Reader makes a great point that by leaving the corporate world, fewer women will occupy those C-suite positions. And even fewer will be there to help advocate for themselves and women around them.

Jump to 1:34 to hear Caroline’s take on the subject. Watch the whole video to get a great perspective on the women’s experience from a handful of inspiring boss ladies in this Fast Company interview.

Watch the Fast Company Interview with Yours Truly at Charm School

Video snippet of Fast Company feature

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