SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is likely how you stumbled upon our elite gaggle of marketing scholars. We practice what we preach, and SEO is at the cornerstone of the digital marketing strategy we provide to clients. Search engine optimization is a tricky beast. It’s ever-evolving, but it’s something we know how to whip into shape so it works its hardest for you with organic search traffic and improved Google rankings.

SEO Audits and Implementation

No matter if you come to us requiring a new website build, wanting to rank better organically in search results, or needing blog content, we will advise you to begin with an SEO audit. In fact, we’re kind of SEO evangelists who stop just shy of going door-to-door recommending it to everyone. Because a polite guest never shows up unannounced!

We believe in SEO because SEO works! It’s so powerful for your business’s bottom line. And an SEO audit is the foundation that delivers hard data and content strategy gold. We recommend businesses run an SEO audit when launching a site and once or twice per year after that. You can always guess what customers search for, but when you have the cold hard proof, you know it’s a wise way to spend your content marketing dollars. Plus, it’ll start to help you build organic traffic over six to twelve months. And who doesn’t love getting “free” traffic without having to buy it through costly paid ads?

Our SEO agency is super different than most. We don’t do weekly or monthly SEO. In fact, we don’t even know what those types of businesses do for their clients. It’s a red flag to watch out for. And, if they’re a link-building farm that guarantees hundreds of links per month for cheap, run for the hills!

Our white hat SEO approach starts with front- and back-end SEO audit services, including SEO implementation of metadata on the backend, competitor analysis, keyword research, a technical site audit, UX and dev recommendations, content strategy ideas, and a few more bells and whistles. Most agencies do not go this far, but we do because it is truly the bedrock of your content marketing strategy.

Once you complete an SEO audit with us, you’ll have a clear idea of what your website does right. You’ll also know where you can improve and what steps you need to take with mobile responsive design and site speed, and you’ll know which website development and design tweaks will make it happen.

If you have recently rebranded, added new products or services to your website, changed course to market to a new target audience—or if you haven’t had an SEO audit in the past year—you need an SEO audit for your website pronto!

SEO-Optimized Content

It’s not enough to put words on a page. You also have to do so in a way that appeases the search engine gods. We know how to turn your content into SEO-optimized website content so it attracts organic traffic on Google. Whether these are the core pages of your website, SEO product descriptions, or SEO-friendly blogs, we can help with it all and more.

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