Reels, Stories, posts, tweets, TikTok videos, Pins. Social media marketing requires a lot of time on A LOT of channels. If you’re drowning in the day-to-day of social media management, you may be ready to hire a social media manager. Doing so will help you free up time to better run your business, hone your marketing strategy, and spend your marketing budget more efficiently.

If you’re ready to hire a social media manager, you will tick all the boxes below. If not, then it might not be time to bring on an outside social media marketing agency or freelancer just yet.

1. You recognize the growth potential social media marketing offers, but have yet to achieve it.

Social media marketing for businesses offers quantitative and qualitative ROI. From building credibility and thought leadership, to increasing followers and spiking website traffic and sales, social media is a lucrative advertising tool for businesses.

If you’ve been investing in social media for your business without seeing results, hiring a social media manager can help turn your social media marketing strategy around. They’ll help you do a content audit to see what your business does well and not-so-great on social. A social media manager will look at your metrics. Then, you’ll make a plan to improve your content and results. Bringing on a professional will help your social media budget work its hardest. 

2. You don’t know what to post about.

Brands usually post once per day on social media platforms. However, for Instagram that could be a regular feed post, carousel, Reel, and Story campaign. That’s a lot of content in one day let alone per month!

If you’ve run out of content ideas for social media posts, it’s time to hire a social media strategist. They’ll help you brainstorm annual and monthly content using content buckets and a content calendar. Of course, if you’re not ready, you can download our social media kits with 365 days of social media post ideas, a DIY social media planner, and more.

3. Social media marketing strategy stresses you the F out. 

Every social media outlet has its nuances, including the best times to post, posting format, and primary demographic. If what you don’t know scares you, then hire someone who comes with all of the knowledge you seek! You probably wouldn’t rip apart your kitchen and put it back together again—you’d hire a contractor. The same goes for your social media strategy. Don’t beat yourself up for not being an expert. Use your marketing dollars wisely and hire someone who knows their stuff (like us at Charm School!).

This uncertainty and fear of what you may not know may be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to choose a social media marketer who is an expert in your industry. 

4. You have an annual marketing budget.

If you have an annual marketing budget, then all it takes is some prioritizing and quick math to determine what you can allocate for social media marketing. Segment this budget by social media management, content creation, social ad spend, and each channel.

It’s always best to start with fewer channels done well than the whole shebang. So if your budget is tight, scale back to one or two social channels and turn them into a well oiled machine. That should help increase your sales and therefore, your budget for a bigger social media presence.

5. You have time and resources to provide feedback to your social media manager.

You are the expert on your business. No one else knows the ins and outs of it like you do. You also know you can’t do it all, which is probably why you’re thinking of hiring a social media marketer.

Even so, in the beginning, you’ll want to ensure that you approve social posts and give plenty of feedback. You won’t need to continue this level of oversight forever, but you’ll want to make sure your marketer understands your business, brand voice, tone, and style before you turn over the reins completely. Make sure you have time to dedicate to this before you decide whether or not to hire a social media content manager.

This introductory feedback stage helps your marketer learn your style faster. It also alleviates your stress when turning your online brand reputation over to someone new. You can ensure you feel comfortable before you stop reviewing and approving. And, with great feedback, you’ll be able to let go sooner than you might imagine.

6. You have assets or a means to produce them.

Social media requires high quality images and video. If you have a budget for content creation, you can do a quarterly photoshoot and video shoot to get everything you need for compelling posts. You can also hire an intern to help with this aspect of social media management. Of course, you can also use stock photo sites to close the gaps within your original content library.

7. Your business has a clear brand voice and branding

Do you have your branding locked down for your business? We’re talking about your logo, visual style guide, and editorial style guide. If so, then you can hand this booklet off to your social media manager for seamless branding from channel to channel! Having a brand book will ensure your social media posts stay true to your mission, vision, and target audience.

8. You’re ready to commit.

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither will your social media following. You need to commit at least six to 12 months of budget, time, and energy to your business social media marketing. Otherwise, you’ll spend money for no reason.

If you don’t run social media ads, you’ll need this time to build an organic following. And if you do run ads, you’ll still need time to invest in your content so your business looks credible when followers find it. Trust us. Only invest in your social media marketing if you give it a real timeframe to succeed.

If you hate social media management, spend more time managing it than doing your actual job, or know you need to take the next step to grow your business, then hire a social media manager! Charm School is here to help you with your social media marketing and social media advertising needs. Reach out and we’ll set up a free consultation to help you on your way to social media domination.