Looking for an affordable SEO agency for your small business? They do exist! In fact, Charm School Marketing is one of these diamonds in the rough. So, if you want to improve your organic search ranking on Google, increase website traffic, and beat out your competition in search, you can do so without spending all of your marketing budget on SEO. Here’s how.

Looking for The Best SEO Agency? Hire a Boutique SEO Agency!

Big SEO marketing agencies often come with big price tags. Although, you’ll find a boutique SEO agency like Charm School is the Goldilocks of the marketing world. We aren’t unnecessarily pricey or too-good-to-be-true cheap. On the contrary, our affordable marketing agency allows small businesses to invest in themselves without cutting into their profits. According to our clients, their investments with us have been well spent!

Hiring an affordable SEO agency will help preserve your marketing budget, too. For instance, our USA-based SEO agency will save you up to 40% the cost of hiring an SEO strategist in-house. If you need help deciding whether you need a freelancer, SEO agency, or employee, here’s a guide. If you’re ready to get started with an SEO agency, please get in touch!

Stay Away from SEO Link Building Farms!

Link building farms are big content houses with cheap prices. They’re often based overseas. They often promise hundreds of links for next to nothing. Most often, they screw you over royally. SO BEWARE!

These cheap SEO agencies operate by shady black hat practices. Their employees build links to sketchy websites with low domain authority in order to meet their unrealistic quotas. These bad links will actually hurt your reputation with Google and downgrade your search ranking.

If you’re looking for an affordable SEO agency, PLEASE resist the urge to go with the lowest bidder. You will end up paying for it when your site winds up in penalty with Google, and you have to spend months or years climbing back out of that hole. We’ve seen it happen, and don’t want that to happen to you!

Say No to SEO Agencies With Monthly SEO Packages

Listen, there are many ways to grow a garden, and many will result in lovely flowers. However, some methods work better than others—and smarter not harder with your marketing dollars. That is our philosophy to organic SEO! That being said…

You DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR MONTHLY SEO PACKAGES unless you have a massive e-commerce business that launches new products every week. So many businesses come to us after having paid for monthly SEO work, and they have no idea what they paid for. They didn’t see much increase in traffic or sales. They wasted a lot of money without much to show for it.

When hiring an SEO agency, look for one like Charm School that offers annual or bi-annual SEO maintenance and SEO audits. This, paired with a solid content strategy plan, is all you need to start improving your organic SEO over the next 6-12 months.

Opt for an SEO Audit and Bi-Annual Maintenance

We practice what we preach and offer the same SEO services to our clients that we do for ourselves. We’re willing to bet our organic SEO strategy is how you found this blog—and us! Woot woot.

You’ll save a ton of money on SEO services your business by implementing efficient SEO strategies. For us, that looks like annual and bi-annual SEO audits. These audits diagnose technical issues with your website that negatively impact SEO, deliver keyword and content strategy for your business blog and website, and optimize the backend of your site.

After an SEO audit with Charm School, you’ll have months worth of data-backed content ideas, a fully functioning site that search engine spiders can easily crawl, user-friendly updates customers will love, and the bedrock you need to improve your organic SEO.

Ask What You’ll Receive for Your SEO Budget

When it comes to hiring an SEO agency, you need bang for your buck. Before you sign a contract, ask for a list of deliverables. Your SEO agency should include:

  • Before and after snapshots of meta data optimizations
  • Keywords for your website
  • Competitive research
  • Content ideas your audience actively searches for on Google
  • Technical SEO audit to determine if your website has any issues impacting your SEO
  • Optimization recommendations for functionality and content strategy

Spoiler alert: Charm School offers all of this and more.

Budget for 6-12 Months for Organic SEO

SEO is a long game. Organic SEO takes six to 12 months to start delivering measurable results. In order to find an affordable SEO agency, you need to ensure you have the budget to invest in six to 12 months of SEO-friendly blog content to complement your SEO efforts. Otherwise, you may spend your SEO budget with a reputable agency, but won’t see results because you didn’t follow through.

Work With Our 100% Women-Owned SEO Agency, Charm School! An SEO Agency With a Proven Track Record

Charm School Marketing is an affordable SEO agency based in the USA. We improve business’s search volume and sales every day. In fact, our most recent brag-worthy SEO win was with a brand new website. Within its first month of launching a new website complete with SEO audit, we recorded a 68% user flow from home page to services page. To put that in perspective, SEO strategists usually get pumped about a 5% flow. Not too shabby.

Curious to hear how we can do this for you? Get in touch! We’d love to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help your business reach its goals.