A picture is worth a thousand words—especially on social media, where posts with carousel photos get drastically more attention (up to 95% more) than those without. We understand that you may not be a professional photographer, but even the most novice social media manager can make a business account look legit on social with these eight best photo editing apps for social media posts.

Our Favorite Super Affordable or Free Photo Editing Apps for Social Media Posts


VSCO photo editing app for social media

VSCO is a custom photo and video editing app. VSCO offers a free version with limited editing features. For a little more—$29.99 a year or $7.99 a month—members have access to the app’s more than 200 presets and advanced editing tools. Users can also share images with others on the platform. Unlike some other photo editing apps, VSCO doesn’t have a lot of built-in engagement options for members. If you want to try out the premium version, you can get a free 30-day trial.

Now, all you’ll need to do is come up with your content calendar and content buckets, plan your quartlery photoshoot, and snart snapping pics!

Out of ideas for social media? Take a look at our 365 Days of Social Media Post ideas and DIY Social Media Planner so you have a solid content strategy to go along with your beautiful social media pics.

2. Squaready

Sick of cropping out areas on a photo so it’s ready to autpost in Instagram? Squaready will help! This app prepares any photo for autopost in a square or rectangle format without cropping it. It makes Instagram editing so much easier!

Squaready also allows users to add colored frames to photos or edit them with various tools, including those that add text and stickers. The app is available free or in a premium version. There is also a video version to edit videos for Instagram.

3. Tezza

Tezza best social media photo editing app

If you want to give your photos that vintage feel, Tezza will be one of your favorite photo editing apps. It includes more than 40 presets, retro frames, and 150+ templates. Of course, Tezza comes with the standard photo editing tools, too. We love Tezza because it allows for the use of overlays and batch editing. The Tezza app is free to upload and offers paid in-app upgrades for professional features.

4. Picmonkey

Picmonkey best photo editing app for social media Instagram

Pickmonkey is a photo editing and graphic design tool from Shutterstock. You can use it to create flyers, presentations, logos, or invitations. You also can use it to edit photos or create graphics for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. In other words, it does pretty much any type of visual work you need.

Picmonkey offers more than 9,000 graphics, hundreds of font options, thousands of templates, and stock photos and videos. This app offers plans from $72 to $228 a year, depending on your needs. Each plan has a free seven-day trial option, so you can test it before investing—always a plus in our minds.

5. Snapseed

It may not have the sexiest interface, but Snapseed has everything else you need to edit photos for social media posts. It’s a free photo and video editing app that offers 29 professional-level editing tools and filters with the ability to save designs you like to use for future photos. 

Snapseed is one of the simpler-looking editing apps, but it has tools that rival those in Photoshop. You’ll love this user-friendly photo editing tool that doesn’t bombard you with advertising while you use it.

6. Storytailor

storytailor photo editing app for social media marketing

Storytailor is the next integration of BlogStomp. Its rebrand comes with a lot of great features and helps you curate your photos for stories, even turning them into live-action or gifs!

You can batch upload hundreds or thousands of photos and edit them‚adding frames, logos, or whatever elements you need. Then, you can drag and drop photos where you want them in your blog post. It works with pretty much any blogging platform you can imagine. Storytailor is available for unlimited use for $10 a month or $7 a month if paid annually.

7. VistaCreate


VistaCreate is a free graphic design software with thousands of custom templates to edit for social media, print, or online use. You can also upload your photos to VistaCreate’s editor to take advantage of ample editing features. 

One of the coolest photo editing options is the background remover. It easily erases the background or any unwanted sections of a photo. Then you can replace them with whatever you choose. 

VistaCreate is free but offers a premium version with even more features for $10 a month.

8. Canva


Canva is one of everyone’s favorite tools—including one of our all time favs! From Instagram Reels templates to social media post templates and free stock photos, it has it all for a low monthly fee. You can use a free account for many basic editing options or upgrade if you need more features. While Canva may not exactly be a photo editing app, it can help you manipulate photos and use them in just about any type of graphic you can imagine.

Now, any business owner or social media manager can post branded and polished social media photos! Snap your pics, use these apps, and make any photo look polished and profesh. Not interested in taking on the whole social media thing yourself? We know a thing or two about social media marketing. Get in touch today to learn how we can help!