How many times do you post to your business’s social media channels per week? Most businesses publish five times. That amount of content adds up quickly—to 20–30 posts per month, or upwards of 360 per year! Yes, you read that right. Over 300 unique captions, videos, and images. If that makes your head spin, we’re here to help! You can come up with the best social media post ideas for businesses every day of the year by using our tips below—and shopping our social media kits like our 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas.

Our Top Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

Like most things, social media posts turn out better when they start with a plan. That plan should come in the form of content buckets. Content buckets are categories you cycle through every post to ensure you speak to every facet of your business and demographics. For instance, you can use the following social media post ideas.

  1. Company Updates and Events
  2. Products and Services
  3. Popular Hashtags
  4. Holidays and Trending Events
  5. Industry Updates and News
  7. Borrowed Ideas
  8. User-Generated Content

Once you have these broad content buckets, you can ideate on post ideas within those categories, so every day there’s something fresh for your following to enjoy! Making content buckets makes it so much easier to brainstorm fun and engaging posts. Let’s jump more into each content bucket a bit more in-depth, shall we?

1. Company Updates and Events

These are some of the easiest and most important social media post ideas to include in your lineup! Look at your calendar for an entire year. Plan out sales, events, office closures, special announcements—anything you can foresee happening. Make room on your content calendar. You can use our Social Media Strategy Planner and Organizational Framework to make this easier.

Then, plan how you’re going to execute each update and event. For instance, are you speaking somewhere? Maybe you should do a Live video of the entire presentation. Are you having a party? Snap authentic videos and photos of your staff to add a personal element to your feeds. The key is to think logistics first, creative execution second.

2. Your Products and Services

We’d wager you’re not on social media for kicks—but to bring in the Benjamins. Create posts about your unique products and services. But abide by the 80/20 rule! That means you should post about educational, fun, and engaging topics—things that don’t ask something of your audience—80% of the time. Then, focus on salesy posts 20% of the time. You can always pull from other content bucket categories too, to make your sales posts more interesting and engaging.

3. Popular Hashtags

The internet is all about trending topics and themes. They often come in the form of hashtags. You can piggyback on this traffic and connect with your followers by writing posts around hashtags. For instance, #TGIF, #womancrushwednesday, #outfitoftheday—these are all trendy hashtags people use on a daily and weekly basis. Some hashtags are like a comet and blip in and out of existence. Some you can plan for, others you need to capitalize on in the moment. Just make sure you read up on the Shadowban, so your Insta account doesn’t get dropped from the algorithm and taken out of feeds.

4. Holidays and Trending Events

People are strange and wonderful creatures. That’s why there are hundreds of fun, weird, silly, serious, and tried and true holidays and trending events to use as social media post fodder. You can find a ton of them in our downloadable social media package, 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas. Or, you can search for those that speak to you!

For example, we mark our calendars every year for International Women’s Day because we’re a 100% woman-owned marketing agency. That makes sense to our audience and our core mission and values. But we also celebrate the more lighthearted and meta stuff like Galentine’s Day, National Spaghetti Day, and Nap Day. Because we love carbs, sleeping (because working moms are TIRED), and our gal pals, okay? But that’s just us…

5. Industry Updates and News

People love to learn new things—especially your followers who invite you to their feeds for a reason. Whether you work in the  sustainability and health and wellness industries or another niche entirely, you should use industry updates and news as post ideas. Doing so can increase the traffic to your accounts and website, establish your brand as a thought-leader, and show followers they should look to you to keep them in-the-know. Just make sure to fact check and list your sources!


Quotes have always done super well on social media with likes and engagement. Brainstorm quotes that align with your brand voice and mission. And as always, attribute them correctly! Source, source, source. Otherwise, you could get into hot water or look super tone deaf.

7. Borrowed Ideas—That You One-up!

Never ever copy. That’s super lame and you’re better than that! Instead, glean some inspiration from your competition and then one-up it on your own feeds. For example, if you’re a dentist, you can look to the best dental Instagram accounts and use some of their tricks in your own posts. Or if you’re in another specialty or industry, look to accounts that you enjoy and want to emulate. Then, figure out how to make those ideas your own and unique to your brand.

8. User-Generated Content

Everyone loves a shout out. That’s why user-generated content has been a popular tactic among marketers ever since content became a thing. In fact, Hubspot reported that 50 percent of customers are more likely to make a purchase through a business’s social media account if they see user-generated content featured there. Tag your customers, ask for permission, and share, share, share! It goes a long way.

Tips to Produce Better Social Media Content in 2022

Now that you have social media post ideas for your feeds, you need a strategy to get them posted. First…

1. Create a Content Calendar

A bunch of ideas scattered amongst brains and computers won’t do you much good. You need a content calendar or Social Media Planner and Organizational Framework to keep it tidy! Create a calendar in Google Sheets that plots out an entire calendar year. Organize it by the day of the week

2. Set Aside a Social Media Budget

Every business needs to set aside a social media marketing budget to stay relevant in your industry. You don’t need to have thousands per month to do this. Just make sure you put a reasonable amount of money into your social platforms—enough that allows you to post at least three times per week for every social channel you maintain. Here’s more about making a marketing budget. Or, you can download our Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook for even more budgeting tips.

3. Focus on Social Channels With the Best ROI

Your business probably doesn’t need to have a presence on every single social media channel. Only invest your time and marketing dollars in social media platforms that overlap with your target demographic. For example, if you market to Boomers, you probably don’t need to be on TikTok and SnapChat; you may find more exposure on Facebook or Pinterest.

When it comes to social media marketing strategy—and any marketing strategy—focus on quality over quantity. Instead of watering down your social media strategy, focus on one social channel at a time so it’s top-notch. Then, bring in others as budget and (wo)man power allows.

4. Streamline Your Workflow With a Scheduling Platform

You’ve probably clicked on a business’s social media profile and clicked right off of it if they haven’t posted since 2015. That’s because inactive social media profiles—or ones that post sporadically—are a trust and credibility killer. In order to ensure your posts go live on a regular cadence (ideally, three posts per week, every week), sign up for a scheduling platform!

Social media scheduling platforms improve the efficiency of your social media management workflow. We love Planoly and Later for Instagram and Pinterest. For Facebook, you can use Facebook’s in-app scheduler and skip the third-party integration. We highly recommend these tools to maintain your social media publishing schedule and keep content fresh. If you need more help with this, shop our social media kits.

5. Hire a Social Media Marketing Team

Social media marketing is a time suck. We find most companies spend upwards of 40 hours per month on social media marketing. That’s why you have to bring in a social media management team to help. Here’s some guidance to help you decide if you should hire a social media marketing agency like Charm School or an in-house employee.

6. Pay to Play with Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising drives tons of traffic to your social media profiles. It fast tracks your way into feeds and drives traffic to your profile and links. In short, ads ensure all the hard work, time, and money you invest into your organic posts pays off!

Now, you should be brimming with social media post ideas for your business accounts—and you should know how to use them. If you need some extra guidance, reach out! We’re happy to help.