Static images don’t cut it anymore on social media. Of course, publishing high quality image posts is important (especially carousel posts), but your audience much prefers video. The platform reports that 91% of surveyed users watch Instagram videos weekly. That means, if you want your Instagram account to get attention, you need to go from simply striking a pose to using Instagram Reels, Live, Stories, and Video posts. To do that, you’ll probably need a video editing app (or a few). Here are our recommendations for the best video editing apps for Instagram.

Top Video Editing Apps for Small Businesses to Use for Your Social Media Marketing

1. A Color Story

If you love a filter, A Color Story video editing app is what you need. It has more than 500 filters and more than 150 special effects for you to choose from. You also can add fun frames or colors to any video you choose. It’ll make your world look more colorful to anyone watching your videos.

A color story Instagram video editing app

2. Animoto

Want to take still photos and video and mix them to create a whole experience for your viewers? Animoto can help you make it happen! With Animoto, you upload video and photos, then drag and drop them into a slideshow. You can add music and go from piecemeal to a finished video within minutes.

Animoto video editing app for social media

3. BeeCut

Learning how to shoot that perfect Instagram pic probably took a while. You’ll likely have a small learning curve with video too, but that’s what this app is for! BeeCut is an Instagram video editing app for beginners. Don’t mistake “for beginners” as meaning it doesn’t have all the tools you need. It does! BeeCut just helps you create custom videos by leading you step by step through the process.

BeeCut video editing app for beginners

4. Clipomatic

So many people scroll without their volume turned on. That’s why you 100% need captions on all of your videos! Enter, Clipomatic. This app allows you to create video captions in 40 languages. You speak it, and Clipomatic will transcribe it. Imagine the possibilities!

Clipomatic captions for Instagram

5. FlipaClip

Talk about a way to stand out! Turn your video regular video into a simple animated clip with FlipaClip. This app helps make anyone turn their static branding into a 2D video clip—videos that are sure to stop people from scrolling by.

Flipaclip video editing app

6. Foodie

Your food looks delicious on your plate right in front of you, but it can be challenging to make it look as appetizing on video. That’s where Foodie comes in. It caters to one-minute food videos and will have viewers ready to visit your restaurant or place an order.

7. GIPHY Cam

If you regularly read our blog, you know we love GIFs around here. GIPHY is an awesome tool to help you take any video and turn it into a fun GIF to upload on Instagram. You can add stickers, filers, and special effects if necessary. Of course, you can download giphs and videos from the extensive library, too.


8. Horizon

You shot that perfect video (maybe after a few tries) only to discover that it’s vertical instead of the horizontal video you need for Instagram. What the $!&#??? You probably want to cry. We get it! But you don’t have to start all over again or just ditch that video you can’t recreate. Horizon video editing app can transform your vertical video into a horizontal one. The app also helps you record in slow motion if you need to slow down some action.

Horizon video editing app

9. Life Lapse

Ever wish that life would just slow down? Well, you can make that happen with Life Lapse. It lets you take any video and slow it down to make a time-lapse video. You can even edit multiple videos together, and then slow them down. Stop motion may be an old technique, but it never goes out of style.

Life Lapse stop motion video editing for Instagram

10. Magisto

When you mean business with your video editing, it’s time to use Magisto. Magisto is a smart video editor with all the editing tools you want and need. But where it really shines is analytics. If your business wants the engagement details for all your video, Magisto can provide them.


11. Streamyard

Are you ready to stream your video to multiple channels? Streamyard is a fabulous interview tool that allows you to edit and stream your video across multiple social channels. It will save you time and help you spread the live video love.

Streamyard live stream app

12. VideoShow

Express yourself, indeed! VideoShow is an all-in-one Instagram video editing app that does everything that you can expect from a video editing app. You can add stickers, trim videos, insert text and music, and put transitions with just a few taps. It’s also possible to draw your own creations in the app.  

Video show app

13. VSCO

We recently told you about the power of the VSCO photo editing app. With VSCO, you have that same array of editing options in a video editor. It’s sure to give you everything you need to make gorgeous videos. It also helps you connect with a community of creatives you can bounce ideas off and problem-solve with.

VSCO video editing for social media

Not sure you’re ready for that whole video thing? We understand. It’s a lot to manage your business and your online brand simultaneously. We’d love to help with with social media management and creative direction for your social media feeds. If you need it help, get in touch to learn more!