There’s a lot to know when it comes to social media marketing strategy. We’ve boiled it down to seven key social media marketing tips, so you can quickly and effectively grow your followings and accounts.

7 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips for Better Social Strategy

1. Clarify Your Social Media Marketing Goals

What do you want to get out of social media? You need to start with goals before jumping into tactics! Some goals can be…

  • Brand Awareness. People learn about your brand on social media. Brand awareness is required since they have to know your brand exists to buy it.
  • Website Traffic. Social media helps drive traffic to your website, which is where people can learn more about your brand and maybe become customers. 
  • Relationship Building. Social media helps people feel connected to your brand, which evokes loyalty, leading to future sales and recommendations.
  • Following Size.
  • Influencer Relationships & Brand Partnerships. 
  • Sales. Social media helps you take someone from awareness of your brand to a purchase. It helps you convert!

We repeat: identify why you use certain social media channels and strategies before you begin execution. Otherwise, you won’t work toward a cohesive goal.

2. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Unless you have unlimited budget, time, and resources, you can’t be on every single social media channel. And, most likely, you don’t need to be!

Choose your social media channels based on your target audience and demographic. Then, execute the hell out of your posts there. Learn best practices on each platform like ideal posting schedule and how to create engaging visuals and videos. Use every facet of every channel—like Instagram Reels, organic feed posts, and Stories on Instagram. It’s always better to do one channel well than a bunch of channels half-assed.

If you need help with your social strategy, download our Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook. This 50+ page guide includes advice on how to budget for social media marketing, post at the best times, which platforms are best for your business based on demographics, and so much more.

3. Show Up Consistently on Each Channel

Posting consistently is the most important aspect of social media marketing. Too many businesses post daily, then watch posts dwindle to one per month.

This is a major trust red flag with customers. It’s also bad for your standing with the social media algorithms. Both customers and platforms want to see regular, consistent posting to verify your business as credible, strong, and worth following.

Post at least once per week to keep your feed alive. Our DIY Social Media Planner will help you stay organized and increase your odds of posting weekly. These top scheduling platforms will make posting regularly a breeze, too.

4. Post Interesting Content

Don’t post for postings’ sake! Instead, always post content that’s on brand with your business, high quality, and something you’re proud of. Whenever you create a post, aim to edutain—entertain and educate at the same time. And follow the 80/20 rule: post content for your audience 80% of the time and sales focused posts 20%. Otherwise, you’ll seem spammy, boring, inconsistent, and off brand.

Out of ideas for social media? Our 365 Days of Social Media Post ideas will help! So will our other free resources.

5. Know Your Stuff

You might hate social media marketing, but as a business owner, you still need to have some knowledge about it. That’s where our Complete Social Media Strategy Bundle comes in handy! You’ll learn everything you need to know about social media channels, posting times, strategy, social media post ideas, budgeting, content buckets, and so much more—all for under $200.

6. Be Patient

Unless you go viral, prepare to build your followings slowly and steadily over six to 12 months. Of course, you can fast track your exposure on social media by posting Reels and running social media ads. for your followings. Keep showing up for your audience and adjusting your approach to better fit what they respond to. In other words, consistently do more of what works to get the results you want over time. Use your free insights in each social media platform and your scheduling tools to optimize.

7. Recognize When It’s Time To Hire Help

Social media is a time suck! There’s a lot of strategy and execution involved—from content calendar to copy to imagery and video, and of course, engagement with your followers. If you’re drowning, it might be time to hire a social media manager. Decide whether you want to bring someone on in-house or through a social media agency like Charm School.

Hiring help isn’t a failure on your part. It means that you recognize your time is better spent elsewhere and want to outsource social media marketing to a professional.

Charm School Can Help!

Need help getting started with your social media marketing? Our social media marketing kits will help! If you’d like to chat about social media marketing services, get in touch. We’re here to help you excel in everything that you do.