Branding for women-owned businesses is a unique niche that we LOVE. After all, we’re just like you: Our business is 100% female-owned, so we know the ins-and-outs of speaking to a female demographic and/or being more inclusive as not to alienate other customers. If you’re looking for inspiration for your woman owned business, take a look at our roundup of top women-owned business branding examples,

Inspiring Women-Owned Business Branding Examples to Learn From

1. ILIA Beauty

Lots of products have lengthy ingredient lists. ILIA wants to change that. Using clean and simple ingredients, this skin-care-powered makeup line is all natural.

This simplicity shows in their clean and simple branding. A sleek font, soft neutral colors, and carefully curated product pics speak to those looking for something simple and natural to replace their (ex)-favorite products.

2. Sheabrand

Sheabrand “aims to redefine beauty in terms that build a positive connection between our health and well-being, our bodies, the city we live in, and the natural world.”

Started by three friends, the brand combines CBD and clean ingredients to provide life-enhancing products. With bright colors, a rounded logo, and fun fonts, this female-owned branding says “let’s be friends!”

3. Kaia Naturals

Founded as a luxury beauty brand, Kaia (a play on “Gaia” or “earth”) focuses on clean, green beauty products. With a black circular logo and grey tone color palette, this brand screams “sophisticated.” Plus, its messaging as being the “underarm experts” addresses a female issue without making it taboo, embarrassing, or crass. The tone is super approachable and problem-solution focused.

4. Saalt

Saalt helps women reduce their dependence on disposable menstrual products with something reusable. According to the founders, the name represents something natural and essential for our bodies. And the company’s tone couldn’t be more relatable and approachable for women. On its website, it introduces its CEO by saying, T”his is the Saalt story. It begins with Cherie, our CEO and co-founder. She has a period and 5 daughters. You could say, she gets period care.”

We love it. Plus, the visuals are on point. With soft, pastel colors, this feminine brand does a great job speaking to women who want something better for their bodies and the earth.

5. Tower 28 Beauty

“At Tower 28 Beauty, we like our beauty products the way we like our beaches: clean, full of sunshine, and for everyone.”

This brand is fun, accessible, and speaks to our inner beach bum! With a fun wavy logo, it’s hard to forget this brand started in Santa Monica! It’s also a great way to catch their audience’s eye and attention.

6. The Honey Pot Company

A new approach to vaginal care, this company uses humor and wit to sell its products. With fun colors and graphics, this female-owned branding targets the next generation of women who are ok with talking a little more casually about their bodies. We’re 100% onboard!

7. Cocofloss

Founded by two sisters, Cocofloss is a luxury dental floss brand that offers an alternative to traditional floss.

With delicious sounding flavors like fresh coconut and cara cara orange, it’s shaking up the world of dentistry! The bright color palette is almost as enjoyable as the flavors, and with a cute roll of floss for a logo, these sisters do branding right.

8. Ava Fertility Tracker

If you’ve ever tried conceiving, you might know how challenging it can be. Ava aims to solve this problem by tracking your fertile windows so you know the best times to try. Soothing lavender colors calm anxious nerves. This brand helps reassure women during a vulnerable time in their lives. The messaging and visuals are soft, welcoming, respectful, informative, and totally suited to the demographic’s needs.

9. She Should Run

This non-profit encourages and supports women who want to run for public office. With a clever logo (think political yard sign), this women-founded group speaks to young, ambitious women. We love their social channel. It’s attention grabbing and sticks to its message of empowerment. We have a few gripes with womens’ inequality too

10. Osea

Osea is a brand inspired by one thing—the sea. Using seaweed (a nutrient-dense superfood), they combine the powerful healing properties of the sea with their natural skincare products. With their earth/sea tone colors and a logo reminiscent of a wave, this skincare line speaks to those looking for natural products.

11. Yes Way Rose

Tagline is on point! We love it. Based on the belief that rose is a way of life, this brand is devoted to “beautiful colors, lighthearted wit, and inspiring flavors of pink wine.”

With a fun play on words, a fun font, and rose-colored graphics, this brand sticks true to its belief while speaking to those who feel the same. It makes light of snobbish wine culture and focuses on approachable—and extremely drinkable—blends.

12. Gr8nola

Founded by a health nut/food lover, “great” nola is a tastier, healthier alternative to traditional granolas.

With nutrient-dense superfoods and no refined sugars, it’s better for you. Not only is it good for you, but it also tastes good! Their purple branding speaks to those looking for something… better. Something better than your average snack. We like how it’s simple and bold. It’s eye catching, for sure.

13. Winky Lux

Winky Lux strives to make luxury makeup affordable for everyone. It also aims to change the beauty industry into “something more delightful.” It focuses on bringing joy and sparking creativity and relationships through makeup.

With the lux color palette, brightly colored products, and gorgeous graphics, this female-owned branding knows its target audience.

14. Golde

Golde is another female-owned business that knows a thing or two about branding. Offering various superfood products (seriously — everything from smoothies to skincare), this brand makes self-care easy. Their bright, colorful packaging is enhanced with fun names and delicious-sounding ingredients (like pineapple punch). We also love how they opted for a fill color profile picture. Bold moves in the brand recognition department.

The Marketing Checklist Every Women-Owned Business Needs for Better Branding

If you’re a woman-owned business working on your branding—you know, logo, style guide, colors, fonts, the whole shebang—we recommend starting your visual journey with the following things.

1. A Branding Kit

Every business needs a high-quality branding kit. You’ll use this as a go-to reference for your entire digital marketing strategy. Investing in a solid brand identity is the most important step you’ll take in launching your business (other than a great website and SEO strategy)!

What’s a Brand Kit, Anyway?

A brand kit, focuses on messaging and visuals. It’s a document you’ll use to keep the look and feel of your brand consistent across marketing channels. It includes an editorial style guide which explains the voice and tone of your company. A brand kit also includes typography, logo mock ups, mood boards, and what to do and not to do with your style and copy.

The idea is that after you read a brand kit, you’ll understand the essence of a brand. This is key as you onboard more employees or hire a marketing agency. A high-quality brand kit helps keep your woman-owned branding focused and helps you avoid headaches along the way—like conveying your preferences to a website developer or branding designer.

A typical brand kit consists of:

1. Color Palette

These are a grouping of complementary colors that will appear in your logo, on your website, and on your packaging or any other design elements.

Make sure your designer includes hex codes for online use, as well as CMKY for print applications in your brand kit. You’ll need to pass these color codes along to design and development employees in the future.

When speaking with your designer about your color palette, keep in mind what message your colors will send. 

    • Red/Orange = Passionate, loud, high energy
    • Yellow = Happy, fun,
    • Green = Money or nature
    • Blue = Appeals to the masses
    • Purple = Luxury
    • Pink = Soft or feminine
    • Black = Sophisticated, strong, bold

2. Mood Board

Your mood board is a collection of images, textures, conceptual shapes, and other relevant design elements that your designer will create to convey the mood of your brand.

You can help your designer out by sending them photography you vibe with to get them started in the right direction. You can also supply images, Insta feeds, or websites that you love. 

When brainstorming for your mood board, your designer might ask you if you see your brand as a certain “mood” or combination of descriptors like:

    • Fun, vibrant, bright, cheerful
    • Dark, brooding, witchy, sultry
    • Girly, neon, flirty, sassy
    • Light, airy, pastel, dreamy
    • Earthy, grounded, natural, honest

3. Logo Concepts

Your designer will usually include at least three logo concepts for you to review before selecting a final logo design to perfect through your feedback. You should receive multiple file formats and color choices for your final logo. When you sign off on your final logo, keep in mind:

  • Which specific design elements (shapes, fonts, etc)  you like/dislike. You can sometimes combine logo versions to make the perfect logo for your women-owned business branding.
  • Where will you use your logo? For example, if it needs to be on the side of a truck, you’ll want it to be simple enough to see clearly from a distance.
  • Did you get a .png of your logo? You will definitely need this file format for use on social media designs, advertising, and your website. 
  • Is your logo high resolution? You will need high res files so your logo looks great blown up or shrunk down.

4. Typography (Fonts)

You should receive a font suggestion for headlines, subheads, and paragraph copy. These suggestions are useful for your website. Make sure to use web-approved fonts so your website appears correctly on all internet browsers and email servers. And use the same fonts on your website, social media, and on any other marketing materials to maintain consistency.

  • Popular fonts types are:
    • Serif – Traditional lettering, has anchors on each letter
    • Sans serif – More modern lettering, sleek with smooth edges
    • Script typography – Fancy lettering – think cursive
    • Display fonts – Includes more unusual elements like shadows, outlines, hand-drawn, etc

5. Design and Photography Guidelines

These dos and don’ts help different teams keep your branding cohesive across all channels.

  • Shapes – Which types of shapes does your brand prefer to use for things like icons, social media imagery, and packaging? 
  • Are there different design rules for social media vs. your website? Should your logo never be placed less than 20 pixels from the outside border of an image? These should be stipulated in your brand kit.
  • Should specific logo colors or versions be used for specific applications? For example, maybe you only use a simplified logo that is easy to see on mobile for social media posts?
  • Should images always be edited in a certain way to complement your logo? What tone should images have?

6. Editorial Guidelines 

These guidelines establish rules for written content and help keep the messaging for your woman-owned business brand kit true to your editorial vision. You should think about:

  • What tone your team will communicate in their writing. Friendly and approachable? Elite and luxurious? Educated and Qualified
  • Are there words that you really love used or words that you completely hate and do not want used to describe your brand?
  • Do you have strict formatting preferences? Do your headlines always appear in all lowercase? Decide this and include it in your editorial guidelines!

Looking for more awesome female-owned branding? Check out our ten favorite women-owned Instagram accounts. Or, get in touch so Charm School can help turn your vision into a reality.