The future is female, but woman-owned businesses like ours still have a long way to go until we get there—and to make up for lost time. When you support a women owned business, you’re doing so much more than completing a simple transaction. 

5 Reasons to Support a Women-Owned Business

Need more specifics on why you should support a women-owned business? Well, OK, if you say so. How about these five positive things that minority-owned businesses, including women-owned businesses, do? 

1. Supporting Women Strengthens Communities

Women-owned businesses often operate within the communities where us women live and raise families. Women have a special interest in strengthening communities and helping them support future generations, including their own children. We give back in talent, time, and money. In fact, women spend up to 90% of their incomes on their families and in their communities. This reinvestment is beneficial to all types of local businesses and community services.

In addition to personally giving back, women in business employ almost 11 million people, making them a key provider of jobs in the U.S. Those people then give back to the communities where they live too. 

In short, women invest to better where they live and their communities, helping others along the way.

2. Help Even Out the Pay Gap

Women earn about 82% of what men make, a gap that hasn’t changed in two decades. Even though women are more likely to be single parents and end up in poverty, the gap persists. EW! 

Each time you drop some cash at a female-owned business, you aren’t just supporting the business owner. Women also are more likely than men to employ other women and buy from female vendors. So, a purchase that supports one woman is likely to support others too. When there is more female representation in the workplace, there will be more voices and pressure to even out the pay gap once and for all.

3. Create Representation for the Next Generation

We teach our children that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. However, adults need to lead by example. And that means creating female representation in the workforce for the next generation to see in action and look up to.

Today, about 42% of businesses are owned by women. As we continue to grow that number, those women serve as aspirational role models for girls everywhere and help represent the possibilities, regardless of gender.

4. Add Important Voices to the Mix

It’s no secret that men and women think differently. It’s that whole Mars and Venus thing. But, did you know that women are often more innovative than men? The reason is actually part of the problem! Women have been in the workforce for less time than men. We don’t have a legacy of failed ideas and generational horror stories. Our great, great, great grandma didn’t fail at business. Business wasn’t even an option for her. So, we’re willing to give it a try and see what happens.

Women also are more likely than men to employ a diverse workforce in every way, including gender and ethnicity. Diversity of ideas means better, more innovative solutions to important problems. And the people women employ are happier at work, which makes them more productive and less likely to experience burnout or absenteeism.

Choose a Woman-Owned Marketing Agency

When your business supports women-owned businesses like Charm School, we lend our female perspective to your marketing. This allows you to tap into women with purchasing power. 

Charm School can represent your business to females in a way that speaks authentically to them. And, frankly, women tend to trust other women more, especially when recommending things we all know we’re buying. We can use our understanding of and rapport with other women to help you build marketing materials they’ll respond to emotionally and take action on.

Contact us today to get started. Not only will you get amazing marketing materials, but you’ll support a woman-owned business in the process.