Not getting the qualified legal leads you want for your law practice? Don’t get lost in a sea of attorneys. Instead, ramp up your law firm’s website SEO with the help of an SEO agency like Charm School! Doing so will enhance your PPC efforts and cut advertising costs. It will also generate free organic traffic and give you valuable data insights to use in your content and ad campaigns. Most importantly, hiring an SEO agency for law firms like yours will bring potential leads and clients to your digital doorstep. If you’ve been searching “SEO agency for law firm,” here’s how to choose the best one.

Tips to Hire The Best SEO Agency for Law Firms

The following tips will help your law firm hire an SEO agency that’s versed in the unique challenges of legal marketing—not just SEO as a whole. In addition to this article, please read our guide on how to find the best, and most affordable SEO agencies. Use this resource to help your law practice hire an SEO business consultant, too.

1. Choose an SEO Agency With Experience in Legal Marketing and SEO for Lawyers

You specialize in a certain niche of law for a reason: because the legal world is nuanced and complex. You should opt for an SEO agency that specializes in legal marketing. Doing so will ensure your SEO team knows the unique challenges you face in a competitive industry, as well as strategies to improve your organic search ranking to bring in more leads and cases.

2. Look for Great References and Reviews

Legal clients will often come as referrals to your law firm—from word of mouth marketing. They may also ask about your average of winning settlements and cases to determine if they want to work with you. You should absolutely do the same with your SEO agency!

Look for reviews and references that speak to an SEO agency’s communication style, pricing, and service quality. Because you do enough research as a lawyer, here are Charm School’s references here and here! Charm School specializes in legal marketing and making clients happy with their marketing services.

3. Compare Affordable SEO Services

A lot of the time in the marketing world, agencies charge what they can. They mark up services based on the client, and pricing is fluid and subjective. So, beware of agencies that will take advantage of your marketing budget because you’re a lawyer.

SEO services are pretty standard from marketing agency to agency. So, unless you’re paying for boutique link building or PR services in addition to regular SEO maintenance, costs shouldn’t fluctuate too much.

To ensure you don’t get ripped off or choose a sub par link building farm (this is very bad for SEO), get quotes from three or more SEO specialists. You want an SEO agency like Charm School that’s the Goldilocks of the marketing world: not too unnecessarily expensive and not too cheap that it’s too good to be true—or a red flag.

Also, make sure you get bang for your buck. Choose an agency like Charm School that will perform an in-depth SEO audit, complete with content strategy and implementation. Not all agencies include this vital step in the SEO optimization process!

4. Additional Marketing Services

Often times, our SEO audits uncover technical website issues as well as content suggestions and on-site SEO improvements. This requires website development work. Opt for an SEO agency that also has a marketing team. Doing so will save you the time of getting another agency up to speed, signing new contracts, and negotiating new pricing.

Hire Charm School for Your Law Practice SEO Needs

If you’ve been Googling to find the best SEO agency for law firms, look no further than Charm School! Reach out to get your free consultation and quote. We’d love to help put your law practice’s website on the front page of Google.