Instagram: everyone’s favorite place to post hot-dog-or-leg vacation selfies and #dogstagrams. Albeit, Instagram isn’t just a great place for mindless entertainment; it’s the place for businesses to market your products and/or services! The popular app has over one billion active users, 50 percent of whom visit a website after finding a product or service on the platform. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your women-owned business Instagram account—and what you sell! 

Of course, we may be biased, but here at Charm School if there’s one thing we love more than an amazing Instagram feed, it’s an amazing woman-owned Instagram for Business account! We love seeing all those #bossbabes own it with branded photos, authentic voice, and industry-leading videos.

So, whether you need the inspiration to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, or you want to support some cool women who make amazing products, here are our 10 favorite woman-owned business Instagram accounts right now. 

The Top Women-Owned Business Instagram Accounts Right Now

1. @callieshotlittlebiscuit

@carriebaileymorey specializes in mail order artisan biscuits and has a grab-and-go eatery. And because the perfect biscuit is equal parts flavor and aesthetics, this ‘gram sticks to that recipe in that it’s about the grid. Every post here is so cohesive with the overall branding, with bright pops of rainbow color in every square. Instagram has always been known as a hub for great food photography, and @callieshotlittlebiscuit is no exception.

Any self-described foodie will love the mouthwatering photos of biscuits and other treats on display here. Of course, we as marketing nerds will genuflect in this business’s direction for doing high-quality images and branding right.

2. @alala

This female-founded, inclusive activewear brand makes luxury athleisure for powerful women. Naturally, we love that already. Although, from an Instagram marketing standpoint, we love how Denise Lee posts photos that reinforce the business’s branding. Every woman photographed here looks comfortable and powerful like they all live their best lives in truly beautiful athleisure wear.

Embracing the body positivity movement, this account features diverse women of all sizes, meaning that although the product is high-end, this account remains a welcoming and accessible atmosphere for all women. This account is honestly #lifegoals.

3. @thehoneypotco

This is the 1st plant-based feminine care system on the market with the amazing tagline of, “Made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas.” Thank you, founder Beatrice Dixon, for that gem of a simple mission statement.

Simply put, this account is bold AF. The Honey Pot Company is not afraid to get political, and with a few hundred million followers to show for it, it’s clear that that is a strategy that’s working for them. Full of playful images and sassy memes, the content is fun and highly engaging—many posts have hundreds or even thousands of comments—demonstrating how an Instagram account can create its own community. If you need help doing this, shop our social media kits!

4. @kinectsolar

Kinect is a high-quality independent distributor of renewable energy equipment founded by Lauren Carson. This Instagram account is one to watch. While Kinect Solar is just getting started on social media, the company was named the 162nd fastest-growing private company on the 2019 Inc 5,000 list. Yet, this unassuming account feels folksy and personal, featuring photos from staff parties and regular days at the office. We love that this account uses content buckets to pepper in a little bit of content for everyone. Plus, we always love a woman-owned business that is good for the planet! Especially, solar.

5. @kindredbravely

We love this account personally and professionally, being new moms ourselves. So thank you, Deeanne Akerson, for building such a wonderful community! It’s clear that everything about this popular account is intentional and thoughtful. The branding is soft and feminine, with every post alternating between photos and typography, giving the grid a consistent and polished look.

We also love how Kindred Bravely engages its community by posting tips about breastfeeding, pumping, and other topics pertinent to mothers. This Instagram account is all about self-care and beautiful brelfies (breastfeeding selfies). We are here for it. All in all, this brand truly knows how to market to women. We love that about this business.

6. @spanx

Could this list really be complete without Spanx? No. Every girl boss has Sara Blakely on her shortlist of all-time heroes. We do, at least. This wildly successful woman-owned business is a household name and a social media marketing veteran. So how does it do it?

One thing that stands out is the amount of video content. Some are workout videos you can follow along with from home, some are fun tutorials, like “4 Ways to Style Leopard Leggings.” Similarly, in the Story Highlights, you can find lots of posts to interact with—templates with “would you rather” type questions, screensavers you can save to use as your phone background, and more. With such a variety of engaging content, followers can’t help but flock to this account.

7. @huungrybunny

We see you, Khloe Hines, with your cruelty-free baked donuts. It almost takes all the guilt out of the whole indulgent experience! Huungry Bunny is new to the Instagram scene (and to the business scene—the company was founded after Hines lost her job during the pandemic). But don’t underestimate this virtual donut shop!

This up-and-comer has already been featured on Forbes and For now, the Instagram content focuses on drool-worthy close-ups of the glitter-bombed, better-for-you baked donuts Huungry Bunny specializes in. You’ll also notice how attentive the account is to its followers. Nearly every comment receives a personal response from the brand. This is huge for engagement and brand affinity.

8. @goldieblox

Debbie Sterling created GoldieBlox to get girls involved in STEM and STEAM activities by selling girl-centered maker kits. That’s incredible! However, this brand doesn’t just tout its products. It also posts a lot of STEM activity tutorials, like a DIY phone projector. These freebies add value to the Instagram account and motivate its followers to check in frequently: a win-win-win for GoldieBlox, parents, and kids.

9. @lovebeginswithl

Talia Frenkel makes award-winning organic personal care products and supports the buy one give one philosophy. For every L. product sold, the company donates one to someone who needs it. This do-gooder company knows the value of a good hashtag. Each post caption is capped off with a few memorable, on-brand tags like #menstruationmatters or #periodpositivity. With a striking minimalist logo and a descriptive bio, @lovebeginswithl has fully optimized its Instagram, and it’s clear that what it’s doing is working. The comments are full of rave reviews.

10. @thecrayoncase

Reynell Steward has shown her good branding taste. The aesthetic: your favorite back-to-school supplies circa 1997. Every element featured on this Instagram account, from the logo to the product packaging to the Story Highlights, is an instantly recognizable variation on that theme. It’s bold, accessible, playful, and nostalgic, a killer combo that makes this Instagram account one of the coolest around.

At the end of the day, we LOVE seeing women kill it in the entrepreneur world—especially with these women-owned business Instagram accounts. If you’re thinking about taking the next steps to launch your women-owned business, we hope our blog helps guide you on your way! If you need help, we’d love to be a part of your journey.