Small Business Consulting and Digital Marketing Training

Do you have an internal team who needs social media management training? Are you trying to stretch your small marketing budget but need expert marketing guidance? Do you need advice as a fellow female entrepreneur launching your woman-owned start-up? Do you just have 10,000 questions, nerves, and the need for some major pointers? Then our digital marketing consulting for small businesses is here for you!

Small Business Marketing Consulting and Start-up Marketing Consulting

Welcome to the world, entrepreneur! We love when another entrepreneur is born. However, starting a business comes with all sorts of challenges and questions: where to seek small business start-up funding, how to secure a small business loan, how to develop a business name, how to design a logo and branding, and how to come up with a strategy marketing plan—to name a few!

We offer affordable small business digital marketing consultant services for fledgling brands in all stages. If you’re looking for small business consulting, our 100% women-owned marketing agency is here to help.

Small Business SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is alive and well—and can help take your business website to the next level. If you want to hire an affordable SEO consultant, look no further than Charm School Marketing.

We help brands across industries improve organic search rankings through sustainable SEO strategy and content strategy. Our SEO consulting stands the test of time so your website ranking continues to improve like a fine wine—and gets better with time.


Business Plan Consulting

Oh, the cart before the horse. We see it time and time again. That’s why we recommend start-ups get business plan consulting before getting in over their heads with tactics and details.

Our background is in digital marketing and creative advertising, so you’ll find we’re the best business consultant for the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

Business Name Consulting

Let’s just say it would be unfortunate to regret the name of your child. Ahem, Tallulah Does the Hullah in Hawaii, we’re looking at you.

Your business isn’t any different! Coming up with a business name, learning how to register your business name, and staking legal claim to it is such an important part of your start-up journey. 

Let Charm School help you organize your creative ideas and create a brand name that speaks to your vision, mission, ideal customer, and where you want to go with your business.

Custom Marketing Classes and Private Training

We’d be delighted to coach you with custom marketing training. We offer affordable consulting services on any marketing topic you need assistance with. This includes social media marketing SEO, content strategy, branding and business development, email marketing, and PR outreach like link building.

We can make it formal with a custom curriculum, a working session, and materials. Or, we can keep it caszh with a simple Q&A. Of course, we can do one-on-one training or work with your entire marketing team, too.

Female Speaker for Marketing Events and Conferences

Do you want a female speaker for your marketing conference or event? We’d love to be your guest! Sharing our knowledge of female entrepreneurship and cold hard marketing facts is one of our greatest joys. Get in touch to set up an event.

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