Green Business Marketing

Do You Own a Sustainable Company?

We’re fangirling over here if you own a green business that sells eco-friendly products and promotes sustainable lifestyles. We don’t want the Earth to die, we love it too much. We’d love to help you make strides to keep Mother Nature healthy.

We Work with Green Businesses and Eco-friendly Brands

Green Construction, Green Building, and Sustainable Real Estate Development

Does your company work in solar power, sustainable building, LEED-certified building projects, or another eco-friendly industry? We’d love to partner with you.

Sustainable Businesses

We’re passionate about sustainable beauty, zero-waste clothing, and all kinds of sustainable brands.

It Feels Good to Do Good

What keeps us up at night? Not our clients who work in sustainability. We help brands market organic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable products that are great for customers and the planet, too. If you need help with digital marketing strategy, branding, or website design for your green construction company, renewable resource company, or another sustainable business, we’d love to help.

Reviews from Our Green Business Clients

We’ve done it all—from building websites to running email marketing and social media campaigns—for our sustainable clients. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Charm School Digital Marketing.

“Charm School Digital Marketing has extensive knowledge in traditional marketing, social media, and PR—making them a perfect fit for our needs. As a green building consulting and construction company, we needed a partner who understood that our approach is always to educate others about the industry and not to brag incessantly about how great we are.

We started with case studies, and the team provided a unique strategy to craft an engaging story that was relevant to the sustainability industry, conducted interviews, and delivered a professional and polished finished product that was on brand while helping us evolve our message of sustainable, community-based practices. We often go to them for advice about overall business and marketing strategy, and they’re always able to provide helpful insights and tips.

I would recommend Charm School Marketing to anyone who values organized communication, a friendly agency, creative thinking, high-quality services, and great value.“

Andrea French

Vice President of Administration

“We’ve enjoyed the creative process and look forward to more work together.”

Andrew Consigli

Co-founder, Civico Development

“Partnering with a team like Charm School is great because they share our mission and values when it comes to what we are doing, so it is great to use their enthusiasm to help our marketing efforts.”

James Moriarty

Vice President

“I’ve known this team for years and have really enjoyed the time we’ve now spent working together to get the content strategy rolling for my own business. They’re responsive, strategic, and show a real vested interest in our success.”

David Smith

Director of Marketing, Anson Calder

“I happened upon this agency (thanks Google) and let’s just say it was a dream come true. I felt I had found my business “fairy godmothers.” They took the time to understand me as a person, my preferences, my business, my brand, and my future business goals. They were incredibly flexible, kind, and professional as we maneuvered the madness of starting a floral business from the ground up.

I may be a millennial, but I have very little experience regarding social media presence, social strategy, and building a following—Caroline held my hand through the entire process, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. I’ve found forever friends and forever partners! So much love and gratitude for all the magic they create!”

Shiann Chambers

Owner, Wilde Honey Blooms

How Can We Help Your Green Business?

If your needs check any of the following boxes, we’d be a great fit!


Marketing for green construction companies


Marketing for eco-friendly designers


Marketing for green architects and engineers


Marketing for green real estate developers


Marketing for energy efficiency consultants


Marketing for green energy consulting firms


Marketing for sustainable clothing brands


Marketing for zero-waste products


Marketing for sustainable lifestyle brands

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