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Raise your hand if you feel like social media marketing is an insufferable chore. Your worst subject, perhaps. Now, raise your hand if you think you could do a better job at it but can’t because you don’t have the time, in-house staff, budget, or energy.

Social media management requires an average of 20+ hours per month to manage! No wonder you feel exhausted. Poor dear. We’ll help you get more out of this invaluable medium by providing full service social media management and consulting. With our help, you’ll be able to get back to doing your actual job while we grow your social media followings, boost engagement, and enhance conversion.

Flunking the Social Media Marketing Hustle? Let Us Help!

Our DIY Social Media Marketing Kits can affordably streamline your posting schedule, improve your content, and make you a master of in-house social media management.

Our Social Media Kits Include

  • Our detailed ≈50-page Ultimate Social Media Strategy Guidebook teaches your team how to run successful social media accounts.
  • Tips for image sourcing, writing captions people engage with, using hashtags to your advantage, our favorite social media tools, how to build your social media following and engagement quickly, a social media marketing budget, and the best times to post on social media.
  • Our tried-and-true DIY Social Media Planner helps you organize your content across channels for optimal cross-posting and social media team collaboration.
  • 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas. A whole year planned out for you with multiple social media prompts each day!

Instagram for Business

Everyone has their favorite subject, and Instagram for Business is one of ours. It’s absolutely ideal for engaging with a millennial audience that’s primed to engage, consume, and buy. Charm School Marketing can help you build an Instagram following and engagement the right way—via shareable content, smart hashtag use, and excellent strategy.

Our Instagram marketing includes consulting on IGTV, Reels, and Instagram Stories, too. Round out your Instagram marketing strategy with the help of our paid Instagram advertising management team.

Facebook for Business

Is Facebook where your customers gather? Then your business should be on it! Let us assist with Facebook for Business marketing. Marketing on Facebook is all about posting and curating relevant, captivating, and shareable content. Facebook really requires organic and paid advertising to get the exposure your brand wants. You need a strong organic presence and active profile to do so. That’s because people need to see you have an engaged and active presence to build trust and credibility. Whether you need help with posting to Facebook, Facebook Stories, Facebook Groups, or anything else the Zuck has invented/stolen (oh, snap!), we can help.

Pinterest Business

If Instagram is one of our great loves, then Pinterest is the other. A beautiful love triangle. We love, love, love Pinterest because Pins have the most longevity of any social media marketing channel. The lifespan and reach of Pins is second to none—they’re shared over and over for weeks, months, and years. That greatly ups your exposure for posting one Pin on this channel. And, if you sell e-commerce goods or work in the health and wellness, nutritional supplement, medical, fitness, eco-fashion, or green business industries, this is the social media platform for you.

People go to Pinterest to get ready to make a purchase—or to make one. Your products enter their purchasing queue and get shared all the while. But making sure your Pins rank on Pinterest Business so you can make sales requires social media strategy. A skill we can lovingly provide you!

We can start by helping you curate strategic Pinterest Business boards. Then, we can design beautiful Pins to reflect your branding and optimize shares, saves, and click-throughs to your website’s shop page or blog articles. Don’t forget, we can also help with your Pinterest ads to round out your impact on this wonderful marketing channel.

LinkedIn for Business

Is your business B2B? Then LinkedIn marketing is something you should opt into ASAP! B2C, of course, LinkedIn has its time and place for you too. This platform is ideal for realtors, real estate developers, and businesses that need to connect with investors, employees, and future clients/customers. It’s your digital resume—a space where you can network and generate traffic via shareable content.

Let us help you put your best foot forward by scheduling the posting of relevant industry news and original articles and by helping you evolve into a thought leader in this space. We also offer LinkedIn advertising services if you need it.

Google My Business

We love Google My Business posts for local marketing for small businesses. Heck, it’s fantastic for large businesses, too! These posts attract qualified customers when they search for nearby products and services that pertain to your company. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves. About 97 percent of people search for local companies, nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses, and 88 percent of people visit the company they search for online within one day. (Mic drop.)

Because every post expires within seven days, you need a fresh lineup of curated Google My Business posts to keep customers shopping and doing business with you. We can help with all that and more—from consulting to full Google My Business management.

Twitter for Business

Twitter has a bad rap. It’s the one social media channel that’s always sent to the headmaster’s office. Amidst the trolls, Twitter for Business is still very beneficial for brands to take part in timely and relevant conversation, post real-time updates, and, of course, troll other accounts and piggyback on their audiences when it makes sense. Let us round out your Twitter marketing strategy with Twitter advertising—the fast track to exposure on this social media marketing channel.

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