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Health Isn’t Just about Going to the Doctor

If you help people achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual health through fitness, nutrition, CBD, medical cannabis, therapeutic spa treatments, or nutritional supplements, let us help your health and wellness brand get the word out!

Where Work and Passion Collide

We excel in social media, video marketing content, blogging, and email marketing for health and wellness companies like yours. Why? Because we’re passionate about the subject, and we practice what we preach! When we’re not working, you’ll find us getting our sweat on at our local yoga studio, growing our own veggies, beekeeping, investing in quality nutritional supplements, and immersing ourselves in nature. We’re pretty into self-care, TBH, and love when our clients are too.

Our Health and Wellness Specialties

Nutrition and Supplements

We’d love to help you market your CBD, nutritional supplements, protein products, homeopathic medicine, and wellness brand to people who need them to live healthier lives.

What Our Health and Wellness Clients Think about Us

No matter your health and wellness industry specialty, we help companies like yours master branding to gain more social media followers, grow their email list, and sell more products and services. We know how to adhere to strict USDA and FDA guidelines while producing refreshing, engaging, and personal content. Watch your social media following grow, DMs fill up, SEO traffic increase, and sales spike!

"Caroline worked with my transformation coaching brand, bringing my brand into the virtual space (website redesign, Instagram and Facebook page set up, email marketing advertising), along with managing all of our social media advertising. Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping us growing during shutdowns and through major start-up growth.

I feel confident in recommending Charm School. I am a start-up company, and they worked with me every step of the way delivering “big agency” execution with a boutique agency personal relationship feel.

They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions." - Joseph Oniwar / Jo Coaching

“We had the opportunity to start working with the team approximately six months ago. Although our product was a bit different than any others they had worked with, they were enthusiastic to research and learn about the industry we are in, our product, and how our product is different. The team wrote the product descriptions and were open to any suggestions that we wanted.

As our professional relationship has grown, the agency has been writing our blogs and providing our customers with a variety of content that is always engaging and educational and sometimes humorous.

Adding them to our team was a fabulous decision that has allowed me to focus on running other parts of my business; knowing I can trust them to consistently provide content that attracts a stream of new visitors to our website but also keeps our followers coming back for more of the blogs!“

Jme Bonfiglio

Owner, Wholesun Wellness

“Charm School has been an incredible asset to our site. The content they produce for us is exceptional and delivered in a timely manner. They understand our audience and write thoughtful and engaging pieces; they’re truly skilled innovators in the digital realm and understand crucial elements of content marketing necessary for building successful customer relations. Since working with Charm School, our company has been producing faster and smarter content for our social, PR, and email channels. Any business can benefit from their diverse skill set. Plus, Charm School is a delight to work with. We will continue to use their services as we grow our brand!”

Fatima Puri

Content Coordinator, Alen Corp.

“Center of Healing didn’t have a very good track record in securing a reliable company where the customer and their needs were important. We went through two web designers who were all talk and very little action and absolutely NO dependability.
After spending a huge amount of money for a website that was useless, we were very disillusioned.

We were sure there wasn’t a single company out there that we could depend on. Frustration was at its max when we met this team.

This company is AMAZING. They were professional and very attentive to our needs. They were affordable and, honestly, they became engaged in what our company is all about. They realized how important our website is for the success of our business and wanted to make it the best that it could be. They communicate on a regular basis, help keep us focused, and their work is OUTSTANDING.

We would recommend them to anyone who wants a modern, quality website. They’re a great team who get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and better than you envisioned it to be. I’m so grateful we crossed paths.”

Margaret Lawler

Business Manager, Center of Healing Enterprises, LLC

Can We Help You?

We offer the following supplement and nutrition specialties and more.


Marketing for supplement brands


Marketing for natural foods


Marketing for CBD products


Marketing for medical marijuana


Marketing for yoga and fitness


Marketing for health clinics


Marketing for health practitioners


Marketing for massage therapists


Marketing for nutrition products

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